Kim Kardashian has no more relation with Kanye West

Kanye West took ... very seriously the fact that Kim Kardashian took Pete Davidson to her mother's house.

The relationship between Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson was apparently confirmed last month, when photos were released during their visit to Knott's Berry Farm for the celebration of Halloween, while less later the light of publicity saw new material, with the two holding hands- hand on the road.

This time, a photo with Pete Davidson posing in Kris Jenner's living room came to confirm that this relationship ... came to stay and Kim Kardashian has finally turned a page in her life.

However, Kanye West is anything but happy about the happiness of his ex on the comedian side. " Kanye is not at all happy that Kim and Pete went so far in their relationship and he was very upset that Pete was invited to Kris Jenner's house ," a source told HollywoodLife.

The ... family photo that upset Kanye West
In the photo posted by rapper Flavor Flav , Pete Davinson appears to be very comfortable and relaxed as he sits on Kris Jenner's couch posing next to Kim Kardashian , her mom and rapper girlfriend while everyone wore the new family festive collection with pajamas,  SKIMS

Kim Kardashian - Poor Kanye does not leave any reconnection windows!
The 41-year-old TV personality's relationship with the 28-year-old comedian marks her first public romance since Kanye West filed for divorce in February 202, after seven years of marriage.

" Kim wants to end this marriage and wants the divorce to be finalized. "She wants Kanye to do his job and stay out of her love life, " the same source revealed.

And he continued:

" He wants the children to have both parents active in their lives and he wants to have a good relationship with their father. He does not want dramas. Kanye creates them and she has made it clear to him that he must stop. Her sisters just aren't dealing with Kanye right now. At the end of the day, they's Kim's sisters - not Kanye's. 

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